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C U R S O 2012-2013




It was a surprise but eventually it was enormously rewarding. It was really interesting to start , once again, the academic year with this festival but this time it was in an European etwinning project, once again a participation with European colleagues with numerous and heterogeneous groups (2 groups of tercero de secundaria, fifty something students being pushed forward by a rare teacher).

It was again an opportunity to meet new students, to realize how well we could work in groups and identify the cooperative nature of students.
Finally it was a great success, we sent 74 homemade postcards to 74 schools in Europe and 74 translations of the European common basic message for the festival. However the most exciting and indelible moments were those when we received, opened and displayed our partners' postcards; unforgettable, colourful, linguistically diverse and personally enriching.

It was rewarding and worthy indeed.


After an etwinning language lab I decided to take up the challenge of working with individual computers (students' notebooks) to produce a change in the EFL classroom and to promote group dynamics and personal engagement in the classroom. Once again, two groups of tercero de eso, fifty something students.
  1. Story telling with Animoto and or Photo peach.

  2. Story telling Halloween with Animoto and or Photo peach.

  3. Video story telling withGoanimate and Xtranormal.

  4. An avatar with Voki.

  5. Describing a painting (Google docs, Spreaker, web browsers, word processors ....).

  6. Using Map creating cloud software (MInd 42, to create conceputal maps of vocabulary.

  7. Opening a gmail account to aceess to the different google services.

  8. Using Google sites to open a pesonal page for each student of tercero de eso.

  9. Creating one section in Google sites for a peson Eropean Language Portfolio.

  10. Completing the Portfolio with personal data and products form classroom exercises.

  11. Saint Valentine's Day.

  12. Día Internacional de la mujer, 8 de marzo.

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