Curso 2013-2014.
Personal Learning Environment





I worked with 2 bilingual groups of 2 ESO. They were told how to open a gmail account. They opened it and used the rest of Google educational applications and servicies.
They were shown how to create a webpage with Gsites and they creted their own pages with their electronic portfolio.
We learnt to use several web 2.0 tools in order to do our pieces of work to celebrate european days, to create our porjects following the textbook.
Each student had to create their own site and they published their pieces of work there and their pieces of work were evaluated for the subject (30% of the total qualification).

We worked with text, images, presentations, Gdrive, file sharing, mind maps, poster design, individual and group work, cooperative work.We also shared presentations with a school, Mountpleasant, in Michigan (USA)

Thank you to you all for the opportunity to learn with you and from you. Right now you have some of your Personal Learning Environmnet.